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Below is a recent article from Production Engineering Solutions

Article on YPEL in Production Engineering Solutions 2010

Article on YPEL in Production Engineering Solutions 2010

“With a business model that focuses on producing small intricate parts in one hit with high levels of quality, Yorkshire Precision Engineering Limited (YPEL) has invested in six sliding head turning centres since its inception in 2001”

Yet YPEL found the 0.5mm to 32mm diameter capacity of its sliding head turning centres was limiting the workload the business could accept. The company realised that survival in difficult times required the business to evolve, so it reviewed its business model. Until 2008, the company was subcontracting out work beyond the capacity range of its sliding heads and to an extent this took delivery times, quality control and cost out of the company’s hands. Realising change was needed, YPEL acquired a Miyano BNJ 42SY turning centre with 42mm diameter capacity and an Iemca Bar Feeder.

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