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Copper & Brass Turned Parts

Precision brass and copper components machined to specification

YPEL specialise in producing complex components from a variety of materials including various grades of brass and copper. We produce components up to 300mm Specialising in bar fed components up to 65mm diameter. These are used in a wide range of applications, from plumbing to sub-sea operations, the parts produced are bespoke to your specifications and can be supplied plated in required.

Working from your drawings, or samples, we produce your turned/milled parts using the latest machining technology available. Using CAD CAM systems and off-line programing ensures optimum cycle times are achieved within budget. With our work scheduling software we deliver on time, every time.

If material is required to a certain specification, we can arrange production, machine the components and hold stock on a call-off basis, until your components are required.

Characteristics of Copper and Copper Alloys are: good conductivity, good machinability and formability, resistance to corrosion, high strength.

We machine various grades including:


  • CZ114 / CW721R
  • CZ121 / CW614N
  • CZ132 / CW602N
  • CZ135 / CW713R


  • C101 / CW004A
  • CW013A
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Chromium Copper
  • Nirbron


  • NES833
  • CA104
  • PB1
  • PB102

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